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"This is Nanami Chiaki. I'm sorry if I missed you, but leave me a message and I'll get back to you soon."

(text, voice, video, action for Nanami)
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Name: Yamadori
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This is a how's my driving page for Chiaki Nanami of the Dangan Ronpa series. You can use this page to contact me at any time, whether it's for constructive criticism or plotting. Leave a comment and I will try my best to get right back to you. This is my first time playing her in a game, so any advice would be appreciated!

Anonymous commenting is off. IP logging is off. Comments are screened.
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Backtagging: Always absolutely fine!
Threadhopping: Generally okay, but I would prefer that you talk to me about it first, especially if it's something plot-sensitive.
Fourthwalling: Let's talk about it first.
Offensive subjects: Not really!


Hugging this character: It might be a little awkward for her if you haven't gotten close to her yet, but feel free to give it a shot!
Kissing this character: Would depend on the situation; chances are there would be a lot of internal floundering, but not necessarily a negative reaction.
Flirting with this character: Another thing that will be awkward for her, but you can try.
Fighting with this character: Depends on the fight, but let's talk about it beforehand.
Injuring this character: Generally okay, but please talk it out with me before you do.
Killing this character: Not necessarily opposed, but I would ask that we discuss it first.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Go for it.

Warnings: None!
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As the Super High School Level Gamer, it's likely that Nanami would either recognize characters from video games or find "similarities" to characters that she knows. (OOC-ly, as is sometimes a tendency in media, there are game titles in Dangan Ronpa that are similar to games in real life but have names/details changed to avoid trademark issues. Examples are Gala Omega standing in for Galaga, and Dangan Brothers for Super Smash Brothers.) But if you would like to opt out of Nanami recognizing your character, comment here and consider it done, no problem at all. And if there are specific things you don't want her to recognize but are okay with others, feel free to opt-out of only that! Comments are screened for the sake of privacy, but you're welcome to be as brief or descriptive as you like.


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